Tyler Tomasello


Tyler Tomasello


Where are you from?

Winter Park, Colorado


Where do you currently live?

Winter Park, Colorado


What are your favorite activities to do in LUNAs?

LUNAs truly are great for any adventure I can throw at them, from traveling to rugged remote parts of the world.. Running long technical trails, skateboarding and everything in between. I guess my favorite activity to do in LUNAs is living.


Briefly tell us about yourself:

I moved to the mountains of Colorado when i was 19 to pursue a life as a snowboard bum. Many speed bumps and hiccups later, i found myself journeying to the Copper Canyons of Mexico and my life was forever changed. The trail running community touched my soul and helped me find myself. Now six years later, with a smile on my face, I look forward to many adventures around the world with my friends and family. I am always looking forward to running a new trail, and experiencing a wonderful new culture. Wanderlust is in my bones, as I explore my home on this earth.


What are some accomplishments you're most proud of?

Every time I run a race there are many highs and lows, pushing through those low moments, finding a connection with all runners and competitors and crossing the finish line. Fast, slow, first place or last.. that is a feeling that is unmatched. I am proud to be a part of that feeling.. Because we are one, and all in it together.


What are your goals for the year?

Over the past few years health issues prevented me from performing my best at races. This year my biggest goal is to have more fun than anyone else at any race. If I can be successful in this I will always win, and with a clean bill of health this will be the best season yet.


What is your race/event schedule for the year/season?

March 2016- Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco 50miles- Mexico

April 2016- Red Rock and Beyond 16miles- Las Vegas,NV

May 2016- Canyons 100K-Forest Hill, CA

May 2016- Jemez Mountain 50 miles- NM

July 2016- Speedgoat 50K- Snowbird, UT

August 2016- Leadville 100- Leadville, CO

September 2016-Hideaway Trail Race- Winter Park, CO (Race Director)

September 2016- Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji- Japan

October 2016-Khao Yai Trail Marathon- Thailand

October 2016- Canyon De Chelly- Arizona


What's your favorite LUNA model and why?

The Monos with 1/2"x72" laces are my go to racing sandal. They are extremely light and fast, mold perfectly to my feet, and are just thick enough to keep my feet protected and happy even in the longest of runs.


Who are your heroes?

My heroes are the people in my world who overcome the challenges of life and find a way to rise above and inspire the world. My friends and family who challenge their bodies and minds on brutally long runs and adventure, or push through hard moments in life and come out happy and on top.






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Is there anything else you'd like us to include on your LUNA bio page?

I am an aspiring photographer and Race Director, my goal is to share my vision with the world and hope to inspire at least on person with my time on our Earth.