MGT (Monkey Grip Technology)

Our MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) is a rubberized top with excellent traction and durability. For wet/moist conditions MGT is king. The MGT footbed also adds reinforcement to the toe and ankle holes. LUNAs with the MGT footbed are more slip resistant on trails and in wet conditions.

Pittards Leather

The Pittards High Performance Leather footbed adds comfort, helps your sandals form to your feet, and absorbs some moisture. Pittards footbed offers a natural and beautiful looking alternative. Not ideal for wet conditions. Comes in tan and black colours.

Veggie Tan Leather

Our Veggie Tan Leather is top-quality, hand-selected, vegetable-tanned, thick cow leather

American Bison Leather

Our American Bison Leather is hand-picked, top-quality leather that is creamy and soft to the touch, and strong. Not ideal for wet conditions. Comes in dark and light brown colours.