Crista Scott


Crista Scott


Where are you from?

Ventura, CA


Where do you currently live?

Ventura, CA


What are your favorite activities to do in LUNAs?

Trail running, Hiking, Traveling!


Briefly tell us about yourself:

My name is Crista Scott and I'm the Co-Founder of Dirtbag Runners. I love the mountains, trail running, writing and event directing.


What are some accomplishments you're most proud of?

Completing my Master's Thesis on the health benefits of being outdoors and trail running & successfully directing my very first event for Dirtbag Runners!


What are your goals for the year?

I'm hoping to heal from injury so I can start running regularly again, and of course, plan many more Dirtbag Runners Camp & Run Retreats!


What is your race/event schedule for the year/season?

Born To Run 50K in May, Red Rock Marathon in Nov.


What's your favorite LUNA model and why?

I love the Mono W/ MGT Footbed and ATS laces. I made my first pair in Seattle two years ago when I worked for LUNA and they are STILL in fantastic condition, with over 1,000 miles on them! I can run through rivers in them, adventure in them, run ultras in them, and wear them casually.


Who are your heroes?

My Grandmother, Polly, for showing me what it means to be a true endurance athlete by reaching 100 years old!




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Crista Scott

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