Andrew Snope


Barefoot Andrew Snope


Where are you from?

Savannah, Georgia


Where do you currently live?

In the back of Franny the Van


What are your favorite activities to do in LUNAs?

Running, jumping, dancing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, hiking, tree climbing, yoga, slacklining and handstands!


Briefly tell us about yourself:

I'm currently living out of a van, traveling around North America, exploring the world on foot in between running ultramarathons. I am an adventure monkey, and am not comfortable unless I'm not comfortable.


What are some accomplishments you're most proud of?

World Record for Greatest Distance Run Barefoot in 24 Hours - 136.98 miles

100 mile trail race completion barefoot

Over 20 Ultramarathon Completions barefoot or in Luna Sandals

13 Podium Finishes in Footraces/ 7 1st Place Finishes

1 of 2 finishers of the Triple Cremator Ultra


What are your goals for the year?

I would like to get on the U.S. National 24 Hour Running Team to participate in the 2017 World Championships as well completing the Vol State 500km race unaided.


What is your race/event schedule for the year/season?

March 19 - Fort Clinch 100 mile

April 1 - Coastal Georgia Greenway 155 mile

May 1 - Mayday Marathon

May 7 - Strolling Jim 40 mile

May 14 - Born to Run 100k

July 15 - Vol State 500k

Sept 14 - North Coast 24 hour


What's your favorite LUNA model and why?

I love the Leadville pacers because they are so thin and grippy! They mold to my feet really well and give me a barefoot feel with protection from sharp stones, thorns, and glass.


Who are your heroes?

Sir Ernest Shackleton, Jason Lewis, John Francis




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Andrew Snope